Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Yes. The guitar is awesome. For all you people that have never seen a guitar in action close up... THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME.

I'm 25 years old and the first time I seen one being played face to face, was a year ago. I was round someones house one day and they got one out and started to play. It was an acoustic guitar and it sounded brilliant. He was playin some random rythms and some actual songs too, and it sounded really good, so I asked him to show me some stuff.

Now this is one of them things where it IS as hard as it looks. The positions your hands have to go in are strenuous and can seem impossible to start with. So I got him to show me some easy stuff.

He started me off with an easy note that you hold with two fingers and strum with the other hand. Then he showed me that if you take your two fingers off this will make another sound. AMAZING. Now I could make TWO sounds. This kept me entertained for the next couple of hours, because even with these two very simple sounds you can get a hundred different rythms.

This blew my mind. How could I not of discovered this until now. I carried on learning with this guy for a few weeks and he showed me quite alot of stuff and I even got my own guitar. I was addicted. You can make a million different sounds on the guitar. Any note you want.

I am still playing a year later and I have improved alot. I can now do alot of the positions naturally without aches and pains. To the untrained ear I would sound alright but I'l be the first to admit that I have a looong way to go until I can call myself 'good'.

As a learner I have been on youtube alot for tips and guidance and some of the people on there are amazing. You should check out Siggi Mertens if you want to learn how to play acoustic, as he has some good teaching methods and is easy to keep up with. You should also type in '32 songs in 8 minutes'. This is one af the best videos I have ever seen on youtube, this guy really does have tallent. Theres also alot of other really tallented people on youtube and if you have ever had a go on a guitar before or played one close up, your sure to be blown away.

And if you get a chance, get someone with a guitar to play for you. I can assure you that you will be impressed. The sounds that the acoustic guitar makes are truly mesmerising.

So, for all the reasons above, the guitar definately goes on my 'wall of awesome'.


  1. awesome indeed :-)

    i've been playing guitar for almost ten years now, and some of my favorite stuff to play is still just simple rhythm-based grooves. like you said, even with just two chords you can find an infinite number of ways to express them.

    good luck and keep it up!

  2. I like acoustic guitars but prefer electric alot more because I am a heavy metal nerd :-D

  3. A friend once showed me how to play the opening strains of "Smoke on the Water". It was fun, but after half an hour of this, I decided I'd never have the discipline to actually learn to play.

  4. Now you have this, view my blog and read!

  5. My brother plays the guitar and is brilliant. I picked up the thing after he done a jam and had a go. Holy do you do that! Took him years.

  6. I've never played guitar except on Guitar Hero a few times and got booed off, LOL. One musician I've noticed who seems totally at ease with playing the guitar is Amy Grant. I took several piano lessons as a kid. I've wanted to learn how to play the drums since I saw my first rock concert.