Thursday, 27 August 2009


Cats are awesome because they are one of the loopiest creatures on this earth as far as I'm concerned! Through the day they just lounge around, sleeping and eating, but come the night they start goin mental.

It will start at about 11.30 at night with my cat, Jess. It will initially begin with a little bit of exploring round the house, getting in all the nooks and crannies possible. Then she will do a bit of sprinting from room to room, diving all over the furniture at the same time....

Then its like something switches in her head, all of a sudden she'll start going crazy. Inanimate objects become enemies, anything shiny, anything that makes a scrunchy noise, anything that looks at her the wrong way. String is now an enemy on all levels. Even my feet, if I walk too close to this hyped up maniac! She will even kill any moths or flys that she finds in the house, which is good because she will eat them when shes done playing with them, which is less mess. Great!

Let me tell you, all of this can keep you entertained for hours.

Another reason I think cats are awesome is because they can look after themselves mostly. All you have to do is feed them and clean out their litter tray every couple of days. They keep themselves clean, walk themselves and even keep themselves entertained to a point.

Apart from all of this though, a cat can be good company too, as they are very loving creatures and will always be your friend as long as you feed them. And if your really lucky you might even get a lovely present of a dead mouse on your doorstep every now and then. Great!

So for all the reasons above, and alot more that I havn't mentioned, I declare cats AWESOME!

And please feel free to leave any comments on why you believe cats to be awesome.


  1. My cat's awesome 'cos she earns her keep by catching mice that try to invade my home. Could do without the spleen on the carpet but bless her, we love Doris.

  2. Hey Liam, check out dubfx on you tube. He makes music by a sort vocal beat box digital fusion and performs on the street in Bristol every now and then. Even if you don't like the style you have to admit the guy is awesome!

  3. I have two cats now and another one who is travelling. My backyard is next to a large field too swampy to build on. My cat fella is usually found where the swamp meets the field. My cat Ichiro became wild. I thought he had been eaten by a cayote when he was missing. He returned in a week. Then it was three weeks, a couple months, then 6 months. He hasn't been home to rest up for three or four years now. I also agree they are loopy, they all need a cat psychologist.

  4. I have three cats, not including the ones I've had before. One of them is a siamese cat (the best cat in the whole wide world), one of them is FAT I don't know the breed of that cat so I just call him FAT, and the last one has a weird spot on her nose, I call her ugly cus she's mean and she steals all my hair ties.

    Anyhow, the fat one hates my guts for no reason, even though I was the one who rescued him from the shelter. The ugly cat that I was talking about is a little bandit, I end up buying new hair ties every week because she steals all of them. I recently found out that "ugly" hides it behind the big speakers we have at home, I'm pretty sure there's at least 50 hair ties in there. The siamese cat her name is Sammy, is the best she loves me like no other, although she has a thing for any type of plastic...plastic bags, plastic covers, etc. One time she ate my birth certificate cus it was in a plastic filler. But I still love her.... CATS ARE REALLY AWESOME, they're not too needy, they're sweet, and they're weird at times!