Thursday, 3 September 2009


Now I'm not one for laying there baking in the sun for hours on end, but when we havn't had any sunshine for months and then we have a boiling hot day all of a sudden, I'm the first one to take my top off and go outside.

Theres nothing like the warm feeling of sun on your skin, and being able to get half naked (or naked) outside the house. It can give you a great sense of freedom, and wellbeing. Even animals join in with this, as you will always see dogs and cats and other various animals swanning about and lying in the sunshine.

The sun is something that every living being on the earth is connected by. When summer comes here in the UK you can see that everybody is alot happier and more sociable. The beer gardens at pubs are full to brimming and the shops are normally the same, with everybody buying beer and barbecue materials.

There is also two more very important reasons why sunshine is awesome (apart from sustaining nearly all life on earth). Without sunshine there would be no sunrises or sunsets. Theres nothing like seeing a beautiful sunset over the horizon, or seeing the sunshine coming through your curtains when you wake up in the morning.

So for all the above reasons, I declare sunshine AWESOME.


  1. yes sunshine is AWESOME. i love it. shame we dont get a lot of it though. like the pictures especially the middle one. i often watch sunsets and sunrises and it is really amaizing!!

  2. Sunshine is indeed awesome. I think this blog is AWESOME, and I hope that you find that my blog is AWESOME as well.

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  4. Hey Liam,

    If you want to experience sunshine, come over to Bangkok for a vacation! We have loads of it over here:)

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  5. I love this :)
    I looked out my window this morning with a tummy-ache and a headache and thought that not even the sunshine could cheer me up. With a little help from your blog it has... I think I might go and sit in it in a little while and read my book :D
    Keep blogging, I need help with what else is awesome!

  6. Cool blog man. I'd be interested in what you think of

  7. Great blog, Liam! I agree, sunshine is AWSOME! As you wrote, we are all connected by it. Sunshine renews our batteries, as it were, and gives us hope for a new day. Endless possibilities.

  8. Sunshine is pretty friggin' awesome. I dare say rad. :)

  9. i don't really like things bright and sunny. i have the tendency to burn. but i LOVE sunrises and sunsets. especially on the beach. with someone special.

  10. Yes, sunshine is awesome! I'm in Seattle, so we get liquid sunshine as well as rays of sunshine. ;)

  11. you've got me missing summer already. philly is on its way to a horribly dark and depressing winter.

  12. I like sunshine, but I like rain, too. And fog, and downright grey days. I guess I'm all for variety!

  13. I agree that sunshine is awesome. Spend any stretch of time in Seattle, WA and you will come to really appreciate sunshine and all the joy it brings. And if someone doesn't like sunshine, I can recommend the Seattle Rain Festival 1/1 thru 12/31. Check it out!

    And check out my blog too when you have time:

  14. I love your blog! Check mine out. Thanks for the sunshine.

  15. Nice.
    "Sunshine" IS very important...
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  16. the sun is like a great, big do-over every day. how can you not love that!
    tks for the opportunity to share my blog, and you, yours.

  17. I have to agree withe your post on sunshine, I live in a city with constant sunshine 365 days a year. It's beautiful and you can never really get sick of it.
    I mean walking outside in the heat can be pretty frustrating but the ability to see the sky change color at dusk is an ability i would never give up!
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  18. Found you on the followers post... glad I did!
    I'm a sucker for a beautiful sunrise and sunset. I've taken around 9,000 pictures in the past couple of years of them and must say yours are outstanding! I don't get to see a view like that unless I'm traveling the Gulf Coast. Thanks for sharing them!

  19. I couldn't agree more! I love the feel of the sun on my skin.

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  21. Yeah, sunshine is pretty cool. Personally I think the sun got a bum rap from that harmful UV scandal. Cool blog!


  22. Sunshine really is glorious!! Great blogs, I admire your optimism. :)